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"English and Rapson
paint a vivid picture
of the consequences
of Chronic Niceness
without turning Nice
People into victims
requiring pity or
saints deserving
I found myself
nodding in recognition
as I read every page
of Anxious to Please.
English and Rapson
have nailed the
connection between
chronic niceness and
anxious attachment.
The best part—they
present life-changing
practices that
lead recovering Nice
People back to self-
acceptance and the
possibility of true
intimacy in relationship.
Anxious to Please
is now on my list of
"Must Reads" for
every recovering
Nice Guy and Girl."
Dr. Robert
, author of
No More Mr. Nice
Guy: A Proven Plan
for Getting what
You Want in Love,
Sex and Life
Anxious to Please: 7 Revolutionary Practices for the Chronically Nice
A book by James Rapson and Craig English
Available nationwide at your local bookstore or online!

IMAGINE A CONDITION THAT AFFECTS a huge portion of the population, a condition that causes severe anxiety and depression, cripples self-esteem, and undermines and destroys relationships. The condition described here is not drug addiction, schizophrenia, or a career in politics. It is chronic niceness.
Anxious to Please: 7 Revolutionary Practices for the Chronically Nice is the first book to reveal the primary psychological cause of chronic niceness—anxious attachment. Attachment theory is a burgeoning branch of psychology that is revolutionizing our understanding of human emotions and relationships.
Anxious attachment drives the Nice Person to accommodate, acquiesce, and avoid conflict, leading to a host of emotional and relational problems. Inwardly, the Nice Person is burdened with a constant sense of longing for someone or something that they cannot define. They are preoccupied with what other people think, and they worry and fret so often that it seems normal to them. Outwardly, Nice People habitually take what they are given rather than asking for what they want, often sacrificing important elements of career, relationship, and their own integrity.
Anxious to Please unveils seven powerful practices—a synthesis of personal and clinical experience, psychological theory, Buddhism, and gender studies. These seven practices are designed to heal the chronically nice person, transforming a life of anxiety into one that brims with self-confidence, serenity, and passion. Relationships with friends, family, co-workers, and romantic partners, which have grown divisive or stale, become remarkably purposeful and heartfelt.
Former Nice Guys James Rapson (psychotherapist and teacher) and Craig English (author and workshop leader) employ a writing style that is straightforward, compassionate, and spiked with irreverent humor. They draw on their personal experiences and professional expertise to guide readers from chronic niceness to passionate living.
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"Full of
suggestions for
empowering positive
feelings and actions."
Judy Ford LCSW,
author of Single:
The Art of Being
Satisfied, Fulfilled
and Independent

. . .

"Anxious to Please
contains information
that almost everyone
needs to read. If you
want to rebirth your
life & reparent your-
self, you need to read
this book & begin the
journey to a new and
authentic life."
Bernie Siegel,
, author of
101 Exercises
for the Soul
, 365
Prescriptions for
the Soul
Prescriptions for